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Admin Application Format
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15th Jun 2014

Admin Application Format:

Your thread must state your IGN eg. tRe.'s Administrator Application

1. In Real Life (IRL) Name (Optional): 
2. In Game Name (IGN): 
3. Aliases:
4. XFire: 
5. Steam:
6. Age: 
7. Time Zone: 
8. At what times of the day do you play?: 
9. Tell us about yourself: 
10. Why do you want to be administrator?: 
11. Greatest strengths/assets you would bring to the servers/community?: 
12. Your aims as administrator?: 
13. What would make you stand out from other administrators?: 
14. Previous administrator experience (if applicable): 
18. How many hours do you play COD4 per week? :

Basic Requirements:
1. Understands every part of the game they play and are attached to it. 
2. Must be able to commit and dedicate themselves. 
3. Log at least 4  weeks on this forum. 
4. Maintain standards of maturity and acceptable levels of education. 
5. Must actively use the forum. 
6. Be able to produce, develop and discuss new ideas. 
7. Able to work in a team environment 
8. Excellent communication skills/work ethic.

Any application that fails to follow this format will be ignored and result in immediate rejection.

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Forum » Admin » Admin Applications Locked
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